Connetivity Concept for integrated Power Management Solutions of BENNING UPS systems

A UPS system provides security for a critical application. Purchasing a parallel redundant system, provides even further security. Consequently it is necessary to consider parallel systems as a single unit. Critical measurements, such as battery autonomy are calculated and expressed for the combined system. A shutdown is not initiated until the parallel system is unable to deliver the load current demanded. Major system alarms are not activated unless the situation has reached a critical state. This functionality can be realised using different Power Management Solutions and Software Packages.

Power Management Solutions

• Environmental Monitoring
• Integration in Network Management System
• Integration in building Management System
• ModBus interface
• ProfiBus interface
• Remote Monitoring System through WEB
• Remote Monitoring System with SNMP
• Redundant UPS Monitoring
• Integration in Multivendor/ Multiplatform environments
• Extensive alarm handling/ Dispatching