Three Phase Inverter System
with Modular, Hot-Plug Design

BENNING´s new advanced inverter system INVERTRONIC modular is a hot-plug modular three phase system which operates from a central (battery based) 48V, 110V or 220V DC source.

INVERTRONIC modular Features:

  • Scaleable three phase inverter system with hot-plug power modules
  • Each Inverter module with its own electronic by-pass
  • Short MTTR (Mean TIME To Repair) Replacement of modules without any load interruption
  • N+1 redundancy ensures highest availability
  • High energy efficiency also at partial load saves energy costs
  • Advanced inverter technology with DSP processors and IGBT /MOSFET semiconductors
  • Less volume and weight of the INVERTRONIC modular inverter systems results in reduced floor space and lower transport and installation costs

Further informations:

>> Scalability
>> Redundancy