INVERTRONIC Inverter Systems

The requirement for power supply reliability is growing, due to the increasing application of information and data carrier systems, text processing, automated production processes and complex data networks.
Irregularities due to loading of the public power supply by major users, peak-time use or by lightning strikes cannot be avoided.
The result is:
Mains voltage breaks, spikes and transients.
Static inverters are being installed increasingly for loads
who require AC voltages unaffected by interference on the mains e.g. 

  • Data processing installations
  • Process control computers
  • Air safety installations
  • Signalling, alarm systems
  • Telecommunication systems
  • Power- and Substations

The INVERTRONIC inverter range is available with single phase or three phase output. The DC input voltage is 220V.

The exceptional characteristics of this inverter series results in very small dynamic voltage deviations even in the case of one hundred percent load changes.

A combination of a 16-bit micro-controller and the latest power electronic is responsible for controlling and monitoring of all inverter and static switch functions with highest reliability. A static switch and a manual bypass switch are integrated in the unit.