Rectifier series Thyrotronic


The protection of electrical load against power failure is often carried out by battery backed up DC power supplies, providing electrical energy to important loads during mains supply, as well as during mains failure.

Battery backed up DC power supplies have, over several decades proved extremely reliable and very economical power supplies.

The reliability of a battery backed up DC power supply is defined by the quality of the battery used, as well as the reliable operation of the rectifier.

The Thyrotronic rectifier range developed by BENNING is especially qualified for use as battery backed up power supplies and feature very high reliability and a comprehensive monitoring concept.

Thyrotronic rectifiers are operating with a controlled output characteristic (IU-characteristic line in accordance with DIN 41773).

The output voltage is kept constant to the set value with a permissible deviation of ± 0,5 % within a load range between 0 % and 100 % of the unit current.

Mains voltage fluctuations of ± 10 % and mains frequency fluctuations of ± 5 % will be controlled automatically. As an energy storage mainly closed or vented lead acid batteries are used. Nickel-cadmium batteries are used in extreme ambient conditions.

Range of applications

  • Power plants
  • substations
  • Railway equipment
  • Offshore projects
  • Oil and gas pipeline systems
  • hospitals


Rectifier series Thyrotronic

The Thyrotronic series consists mainly of a thyristor-controlled power unit and a microprocessor-controlled monitoring and control unit.

The following main components are included:

  • mains input with contactor
  • mains transformer with separate windings
  • fully controlled 6 pulse three phase bridge with semi conductor protection fuse (working primarily as battery inverse polarity protection)
  • smoothing chokes and capacitor bank to reduce ripple
  • control unit with digital setpoint setting
  • digital monitoring
  • display and operation unit with graphical LCD display on the front door
  • NH fuse loaded battery circuit breakers
  • 2 pol NH load circuit breaker to be populated with fuses or links for load circuit