General remarks

The rectifier range TRANSOTRONIC is designed for the secured supply of DC power for critical loads such as control and monitoring systems as well as data processing technology in power stations and industrial plants. These plants require, a reliable power supply independent of the public net, which is most often achieved using a battery-secured power supply. Particularly in larger plants, devices with 220 V DC output and currents of several hundred amperes are used. For the conversion of AC to DC current rectifiers with thyristor bridges worked satisfactorily.

One of the disadvantages of these devices is however the harmonic distortion feedback to the mains net during the energy conversion. These harmonic distortions are produced by the ingate control of the thyristors and are able to disturb other loads also connected to the same AC mains.

Further, the net will be loaded with apparent current, due to the power factor cos φ of thyristor rectifiers being within the range of 0,7 - 0,9.

Better performance because of IGBT technology

In the rectifier range TRANSOTRONIC developed by BENNING IGBT semiconductors are used in the power block, which leads to the following improved performance:

  • Substantially smaller harmonic distortion. The harmonic distortion on the mains side is reduced to values < 5 % (fig.).
  • Better power factor. The power factor of the TRANSOTRONIC range reaches 0,99 %. Therefore only a very small reactive power is taken from the mains.
  • Good dynamic behaviour. Even when not connected in parallel to a battery, the TRANSOTRONIC has a good dynamic behaviour. The output voltage changes with load jumps from 100 % to 0 % and from 0 % to 100 % by only approx. 8 - 10 % (fig.).
  • Easy to do battery capacity test by mains feed back without external load