High security and economy

With the ENERTRONIC L BENNING has taken a further step forwards in terms of secure and efficient UPS technology. The UPS technology used in the ENERTRONIC L provides the highest reliability with optimum economy.
Due to continuous development, BENNING has succeeded in integrating new technologies into the UPS. IGBT transistors in the rectifier, SMD equipped printed circuit boards and internal CAN-Bus communications combine to offer the end user a secure and cost optimised solution for critical applications.


Increasing complexity in data centres presents higher demands on UPS systems. Nonlinear and unbalanced loads must be catered for just as effectively as the peaks and overloads caused by high start up currents.
Critical applications must not only be protected against mains failures, but also against voltage peaks, troughs and transients.
UPS system design should form part of the building design and represents a significant investment with potentially high operating costs. Therefore, no compromise in the security and economy of the UPS should be considered.
The ENERTRONIC L fulfills these requirements by utilising new IGBT technology.

The substantial advantages of the ENERTRONIC L


  • Sinusoidal input current, no reactive power consumed (THD < 7 %, pf > 0.99)
  • On-line system (double conversion)
  • Classification VFI SS 111 in acc. IEC 62040-3 for protection of critical load against all types of line disturbance
  • Particularly suitable for computer loads (no-linear loads)
  • Designed for double current in the neutral conductor
  • Suitable for 100 % unbalanced load
  • Parallel operation of up to 8 systems without a Common Mode Failure Point
  • Optimum utilisation of emergency power generator