ENERTRONIC P USV, Interior view
Available UPS apparent output power depending on power factor

Industrial UPS System with three phase output 60 - 120 kVA

Static UPS’s are being installed increasingly for loads that require AC voltages unaffected by interference on the mains e.g.:

  • Data processing installations
  • Process control computers
  • Air safety installations
  • Signalling, alarm systems
  • Telecommunication systems
  • Power- and Substations


Due to the use of IGBT transistors of the newest technology in the rectifier and in the inverter, the new ENERTRONIC P range fulfills the highest reliabilty for power supplies and is very economical.
This results in an input power factor of ≥ 0,99 and an input distortion factor of < 5 %.
The exceptional characteristics of this inverter in the ENERTRONIC P series results in very small dynamic voltage deviations even in the case of one hundred percent load changes.
A combination of a 16-bit micro-controller and the latest power electronics is responsible for controlling and monitoring of all rectifier, inverter and static switch functions with highest reliability. A static switch and a manual bypass switch are integrated in the unit.
In the front of the cabinet there is a plastic foil keyboard with 6 keys, 4 three coloured and 2 single coloured LED’s and a mimic diagram.


  • input power factor of ≥ 0.99
  • input distortion factor of < 5 %
  • meet the highest UPS classification VFI SS 111 in accordance with EN 62040-2
  • power factor = 1
  • high efficiency in the partial load range /li>
  • low distortion factor at non linear load
  • up to eight units can be connected parallel, operating in an active load-share
  • proofed and convenient remote management
  • with three phase input and three phase output
  • UPS Nominal output power (cos. ϕ=0,8 ind.): 60 kVA, 80 kVA, 120 kVA