OEM Power Supplies for highest quality requirements

AC-DC power supplies with single- and multiple output and range of 250 W - 5000 W

OEM Power Supplies, economic and safe


BENNING is one of the leading manufactures of switched mode power supplies in Europe and has more than 25 years of experience in developing high quality switched mode OEM power supplies.


Quality, cost-effectiveness in close co-operation with our customers are the hallmark of BENNING.


BENNING and leading manufactures of computer and medical equipment, where power supplies must be of high- est standard, have worked in partnership for many years.

ATX-USV Application:Dental Equipment


Production Range

  • AC - DC Power Supplies 
  • DC Converters 
  • Single- and Multiple Outputs 
  • Power Range 250 W - 5000 W




  • Medical Equipment 
  • Telecommunication 
  • Telecommunications
  • Data Processing 
  • Process Control 
  • Military Equipment