BELATRON Industrial Designs

High efficient charging systems specially for industrial requirements

BELATRON IS and BELATRON UC charging systems

Perfection for industrial applications

BELATRON IS and BELATRON UC are high efficiency charging systems built into cabinets designed for industrial applications. In opposite to the BELATRON IS type with single output, the modular design of the BELATRON UC range with multiple outputs allows individual configurations of max. 12 charging modules with different output voltages and currents.
Due to the high power density and the modular design BELATRON UC chargers offer a lower footprint at the installation site. For control, monitoring and remote maintenance BENNING provides a high quality monitoring system.

Particular benefits:

  • Extreme high power density and thus low floor space requirements at the installation site
  • Possibility for different system combinations inconfined spaces.
  • Special ventilation concept for protecting the powersupply from dust and dirt
  • Excellent efficiency up to 95 %
  • Reduction of the required mains power through sinusoidal current consumption
  • Remote monitoring option
  • An optimally smoothed charging current extends the life of the traction battery
  • Large charging status traffic light for good visibility