Convection cooled rectifier systems for use under adverse environmental conditions

Modular rectifier system with 4 TEBECHOP 4000 rectifiers

TEBECHOP 4000 rectifier systems

The new TEBECHOP 4000 rectifier range from BENNING, the leading global power supply manufacturer, provides a robust, modular rectifier system that is specifically designed for use under harsh environmental conditions (eg dust, acid,etc.). The convection cooling employed by these modules ideally suits the adverse conditions found in industrial environments, such as the petrochemical industry, energy distribution, automation technology and highways.










efficiency vs. output power

TEBECHOP 4000, efficiency vs. output power



The advantages of convection cooling the TEBECHOP 4000

Benefits of Convection cooling

The convection cooling of the TEBECHOP 4000 rectifier makes conventional cooling fans unnecessary. Since contaminated particles are not drawn into the rectifier module by the cooling fan, these rectifier systems are very well suited for use at sites with adverse environmental conditions.
As internal contamination is avoided, the reliability of the system is enhanced. The costs for operation, maintenance and periodic replacement of the cooling fan are also minimised.