Uninterruptible Power Supply for AC-Loads

The increasing use of information and data processing systems as well as computer-controlled automation systems requires a reliable uninterrupted power supply.
The ENERTRONIC S series ensures that voltage peaks, voltage distortions and voltage drops in the public mains have no effect on critical loads.


The modular construction and redundancy are two features of the ENERTRONIC S series. Depending on the required power and the mains failure bypass time, the systems can be individually adapted to the load. As power demands increase,
the system can be expanded.

The systems consist of 1,25 kVA power blocks which can be connected in parallel up to a max. output power of 10 kVA. In the event of one power block failing, the defective power block will be separated and the other blocks will continue operating without interruption. N+1 redundancy is therefore possible within the UPS systems. The complete redundancy of all electronic components on the power boards ensures maximum reliability of the UPS system.

In the standard version, each power block has a 36 V 7.2 Ah battery block. With a nominal load of 80% it is therefore possible to obtain a mains failure bypass time of 10 min. To obtain longer bypass times, it is possible to connect several
battery blocks per UPS power block in parallel.

The systems are available in two different mechanical versions. Up to 5 kVA, both the UPS power blocks and the battery blocks for 10 min. are installed in one housing.

Systems from 6,25 to 10 kVA require separate electronic and battery housings.
Longer bypass times normally require additional battery housings.
In the standard version, the recharge time of the battery is approx. 6 hours. With longer bypass times, the battery charging time is correspondingly longer. In such cases, it is possible to install one or several additional charging units with 8 A charging current to reduce the charging time.

Displayed values



  • Input voltage and input current, power, frequency
  • Output voltage and output current, power, frequency
  • Battery operating data, remaining time
  • Total UPS operating time
  • Battery test by means of charge state monitoring

Other features

  • Input power factor > 0,99
  • THDI < 3 %
  • Static bypass
  • Class A/B (immunity/emission)
  • Input frequency auto sense
  • Plug&Play for gensets
  • Noise level < 40 dBA
  • Long life battery control