DC-Converter TEBECHOP 3000 IDC

DC/DC converters in modular rack-mounted design

Block circuit diagram of the modular architecture of a power
supply system with rectifiers, inverters and DC/DC converters
Combined power supply system

Modular DC/DC converters - high system availability thanks to modular power supplies

For many years, BENNING has been supplying modular rectifier and inverter systems for providing power to electronic systems in industry, telecommunications and information technology. These modular systems have proved their worth extremely effectively thanks to their high availability and excellent service friendliness.

The DC/DC converters described below ideally complement these modular systems, as they have the same mechanical platform and the front plate design matches other modules in the range.

Combinations of all three series of units can therefore easily be accommodated in common system cabinets.

The block circuit diagram shows the principle of the modular architecture of all three series of units in a power supply system with modular rectifiers, modular inverters and modular DC/DC converters.

The other figure shows an example of a modular power supply system built into a system cabinet with two battery-backed direct voltages and one battery-backed alternating voltage.
Monitoring is by means of the MCU 2500 with the indication and control unit fitted in the front door.

Main features of the modular DC/DC converters

  • Low volume and weight
  • Low output ripple
  • System power scalability
  • Hot-Plug rack-mounted design for reliable operation
  • Easy design of redundant system solutions
  • High energy capability due to good efficiency
  • Wide-range voltage input from 18 to
    75 V and from 85 to 265 V DC
  • Galvanic isolation between input and output
  • Control, monitoring and indication with MCU 2500

DC/DC converters in modular rack-mounted design offer flexible power adaptation (scalability), high availability, good energy efficiency and flexibility of use

The large 18 - 75 V and 85 – 240 V DC input voltage range of the modular DC/DC converters allows the units to be used both for 24 V, 40 V, 60 V and 110 V and for 220 V DC networks. Depending on the type, units can be supplied for DC output voltages of 24 V, 48 V, 60 V, 110 V or 220 V.

The DC/DC converters consist of power modules with operationally safe hot-plug rack-mounted design. The appropriate number are fitted in 19" module racks depending on the power required

DC/DC converter modules are available for the following input and output voltages

DC input voltage 24 V; 48 and 60 V

DC output values: 12 V – 23 A, 24 V – 23 A, 48 V – 13 A, 60 V – 10 A

DC input voltage 110 V
DC output values: 24 V – 23 A, 48 V – 18 A, 60 V – 18 A, 110 V – 8 A, 220 V – 4 A

DC input voltage 220 V
DC output values: 24 V – 50 A, 48 V – 40 A, 60 V – 40 A, 110 V – 20 A, 220 V – 10 A